Raybro | Manufacturers of Cores and Tubes

Raybro (Pty) Ltd is an proudly South African family run business established in 1984. We have over 35 years of service and experience in the packaging industry. We are based in Alberton, but can ship our products anywhere in South Africa.

We manufacture spiral wound cardboard tubes using only virgin paper to produce the highest quality. We offer versatile and innovative tubes and cores in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and we can even customize your order to your specifications.

Years of Service in the Packaging Industry

Our mission is to provide quality products with excellent service that meets your needs. No matter what you are using them for, we aim to be the core of your business.

Raybro  is equipped with modern machinery coupled with an extraordinary team of professionals, specializing in sales, customer service, production and shipping

Raybro’s process is designed and engineered to produce an exact product with:

  • Exceptional production capabilities
  • Flexibility to meet your deadlines
  • No minimum order required

Raybro Products

Manufacturers of Cores and Tubes

We manufacture spiral wound cardboard tubes using only virgin paper to produce the highest quality. We specialize in creating a variety of custom sizes to accommodate any product. Your order is customized to your specifications, so we make sure your mailing and shipping tubes are detailed according to your unique needs.

Our tubes are used in many manufacturing processes, within the packaging industry, as well as product protection and storage applications.

All of our products undergo quality control tests to ensure they’re strong enough to withstand whatever pressures they might encounter during shipping. We perform tolerance, crush, and moisture testing, along with multiple caliper tests to ensure our mailing containers are the correct thickness and length. A cardboard tube from Raybro is guaranteed to deliver your product safely to its destination.

Assorted Mailing Tubes

Shipping, Gifting or Protecting - We've got what you need! We carry standard poster sizes in stock. Our mailing and labeling tubes can be made to order for custom sizes or colours.

Assorted Paper Rolls

We supply Newsprint, Emtini and Mandini paper rolls in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, pattern making, design or even table covers to butcher paper.

Branded, Unbranded, Colour or Plain, we have your labeling needs down.

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Choose the best quality shipping tubes for your products. To contact our team or submit an order, call us at  (+27) 11 868 1058. You can also email us at info@raybro.co.za or request a quote with our online contact form.